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Our Listings

FOR SALE | 1589 Fanshawe Park Rd. E.
London, Ontario

BID DATE: JULY 5, 2022 | 5:00 PM EST

Asking Price: $6,495,000
Property Size: +/- 8.5 acres (source Teranet)
Zoning: 8.2 acres – UR4, 0.3 acres – R3-3, OC4
Official Plan: Neighbourhoods, Kilally North policy area
Urban Growth Boundary: Site is inside
Legal Description: Part Lot 8 Plan 91 as in G33284;S/T
59110LY: London Twp
PIN: 081460083 ROLL# 393609044023900
2021 PROPERTY TAX: $14,977.04

UNDER CONTRACT| Truck Specialized Repair Business in London, Ontario

Asking Price:
Business Equipment and Goodwill: $920,000
Current Assets (at actual) Estimated: 
Total Business Assets: 
Building can be leased: 
Building Selling Price: 
$ 700,000
EBITDA (Normalized, after rent):
Sellers DE (Normalized):
7 (incl. 3 owners)

SOLD | House Component Manufacturing Company in London Ontario for Sale

Share sale Price: $1,300,000
Working capital included: $225,000
Capital Assets (NBV 2018): $123,875
Revenue: $2,264,483
EBITDA (normalized): $430,135
Sellers DE (normalized): $515,039
Building: Lease

SOLD | Established Industrial Plumbing & HVAC Company in Southwestern Ontario

Asking Price: $1,360,000
Working Capital (included): $175,000
Equipment (management FMV): $252,934
Revenue (2018): $2,323,018
Gross Margin (2018): $1,363,814
Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (2018): $526,047
Normalized EBITDA (2018): $426,04

SOLD | Motorcycle Dealership in Southern Ontario for Sale

Share Price: $1,290,000
Revenue (2015): $2,966,000
EBITDA (normalized 2014/15): $236,000 ( last 2 years)
Sellers DE (normalized 2014/15): $336,000 (last 2 years)
Working Capital (included): $375,000
Equipment (included): $100,000
Employees: 5 (incl. owners)

SOLD | Outdoor Sports Manufacturer in Southern Ontario

Share Price: $1,150,000
Revenue (2015): $2,833,219
EBITDA (normalized 2014/15): $254,064
Sellers DE (normalized 2014/15): $314,064
Working Capital (included): $360,000
Capital Assets : $649,000
Employees: 18-22 (incl. owners)

SOLD | Software Company in Southern Ontario for Sale

Price: Negotiable
Revenue (2 YEAR AVERAGE): $465,000
EBITDA (normalized 2014/15): $148,000
Sellers DE (normalized:) $218,000
Working Capital (included): $360,000
Capital Assets : $649,000
Employees: 5 (incl. owners)