The services that LCRi provides are detailed in the Services Offered to Landlords section of the website. There is little difference in their requirements and substituting ‘seller’ for ‘landlord’ is appropriate most of the time. While LCRi will advise on value and explain to a seller what has happened with comparable properties in the market place, LCRi always encourages sellers to hire a qualified commercial appraiser. The cost is usually a small fraction of the value of the property and provides a solid foundation for negotiating price with prospective buyers.

The LCRi marketing plan is unique to each property and is developed in concert with the owner. LCRi’s experience is that owners of properties often add significant value to the marketing effort with intimate knowledge of potential buyers. LCRi advises clients on how to prepare a property for sale and discusses with them the level of confidentiality required. As it might not be in the seller`s best interests to make public a name and address, LCRi has developed methods of hiding such specific information, while still exposing the property to a wide marketplace.