As a part of LCRi’s listing services – seller/landlord or buyer/tenant – a valuation of the property is undertaken.   This is an informal analysis, whether determining market lease rates for landlords and tenants or the value of property for buyers and sellers. LCRi’s regulator does not permit commercial real estate brokerages to do appraisals of properties, if they are not fully accredited to do so. This is a good regulation since LCRi is not in the full-time business of appraisal work, as accredited appraisers are. LCRi routinely refers clients who need appraisal work done to the competent professionals who do that for a living. If a client needs an opinion of value, LCRi is happy to offer that for a fee.

A full suite of investment analysis tools is employed by LCRi to assist clients with development proposals or income property acquisitions. Investors act based on information that may vary from a simple multiplier of gross rents to an examination of the internal rate of return on an investment.